V-POINT® Premium feed supplements for dogs

With concentrated power from herbs, algae and vital mushrooms you can support your darling optimally and 100% naturally in health areas. Premium Quality made in Austria.

V-POINT® feed additives for dogs

Concentrated power from herbs, algae and vital mushrooms. Support your darling optimally and 100% naturally. Premium Quality made in Austria.

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For strong joints and more joy in movement. Beneficial power from herbs and algae to support the musculoskeletal system in case of arthrosis and other complaints.

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For one healthy digestion. 100% naturally effective support of the gastrointestinal tract and digestion. Can help to bring the intestinal flora back into balance.

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BARF- Addition

To supplement the daily feed ration with BARF feeding and to partially cover the vegetable feed content. Optimally suited to support the health of your dog.

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For the relief of complaints related to the airways. Soothing herbs with antibacterial to relief dry cough and tomuscus solution.

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Naturally effective support for nervous restlessness and anxiety. Can promote calm, serenity and concentration. Soothing herbal power for your darling!

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Promotion of a natural weight reduction . Herbs with slightly appetite suppressing effect, to support the pancreas, regulation of the fat balance & more

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Natural & optimal support for environmental allergies such as pollen, grasses or house dust mites. This natural product can help to reduce the body’s allergy readiness and thus alleviate the symptoms.

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Soothing herbs and algae to strengthen the immune system and the heart, seeds to stimulate the appetite and rose hip peels with a high vitamin C content. With Spirulina Algae.

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Power from vital mushrooms, herbs & algae designed for training and high-performance sports . Supports performance & endurance, muscle building and regeneration and increases motivation.

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